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Korey McCoy
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"In Only 5 Minutes A Day For One Month We Will Take You By The Hand And You'll Learn How To Transform Your Life With This Cutting Edge Exercise System"
About "The 30 Day Quick Start" Program
Momentum begins with small commitments. 5 minutes a day for the next 30 days will introduce you to the world of natural movement and functional strength. Your new awareness is the foundation to exercise habits that will keep you healthy for years to come.
Why Group Personal Training Is So Powerful
Motivation is contagious in groups. Guidance and support are provided when the groups stay small. The best results happen when training is personalized but you feel the energy of an enthusiastic team around you.

How Natural Movement Can Keep Your Body Feeling Younger, Flexible, Strong, And Injury Free
The next wave of the fitness industry is upon us . Kettlebells (StrongFirst), Functional Movements Systems, Original Strength, and Spine Health (Backfitpro) all represent the evolution of our understanding in Exercise Science and Kinesiology. See how we combine these techniques into a framework that is amazing for your body.

How The 30 Day Quick Start Program Works
You will receive an email every morning reminding you to watch the brief video for the day. By the end of the month you will have a solid grasp on the principles and practices that make up the core of the Perpetual Personal Training System. Use this momentum to create new habits in your life and make sure you get those workouts in!
"Functional Movement Is Great For Your Body."

"Kettlebells Get You Twice The Results In Half The Time."

"Group Personal Training Is Motivating And Community Helps You Try Harder Than You Would On Your Own."

Letter From Your Coach
Do You Want To Learn How To
Get Twice The Results In Half The Time?
Congratulations! You have just begun a journey into health and wellness that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Over the next 30 days you will be exposed to the philosophy of natural movement and functional strength.

Our goal at Plaza Fitness Performance is to give you the best guidance and coaching specific to what you need. Your experience will always be personalized and you are in great hands.

You are now a part of a vibrant community that is supportive and welcoming. We hope to see you regularly and we encourage you to treat your experience at the gym as a refreshing time that's just for you.

Please take the time to watch each video this month so that you can build a strong foundation for your fitness transformation.
Stay Sharp, Stay Smart, Stay Strong,
Korey McCoy - All Rights Reserved @ 2018

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