Korey McCoy
M.S. Kinesiology, B.S. Exercise Science, YPJ Coach, SFG II, RKC, ACSM H/FI, OS, FMS, RPR, NKT I
YOU DESERVE A COACH!  Personal growth and development requires support.  Connecting, listening, and supporting you in your effort to be the very best version of yourself is my specialty.  When you personalize the process you can progress and begin getting momentum towards your self-defined performance goals.  As Susan Scott says in her book, the keys to personal success are "connectivity and accountability."  Let's connect and provide accountability to your goals.  Over a very short time, you'll realize you've taken the most important step of your life.  

Rachel Renshaw
B.S. Exercise & Wellness with a nutrition minor, YPJ Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, RPR, NASM FNS, CFSC, OS, FMS, HKC
I am a mother, a wife, an eternal student, and a believer. I am a born and raised Utahn that sees beauty in the mountains and outdoors. I love to camp, cook, laugh, and spend time with my family. 

I am passionate about movement and am fascinated by the capabilities of the human body. I believe that self-care is truly the next health care; I want to teach everyone that the body is a masterpiece especially when it moves the way it was designed to move. 

As Henry David Thoreau encourages, I want you to go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you imagine. When I become your coach, we can impact the world together through Your Performance Journey.

Dean Pasquerilla
B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, YPJ Coach,  NASM, RPR, Movnat  Level 1 Certified Trainer
After 10 years of work in the engineering field designing nuclear submarines for the US navy, I came to the realization that working in an office at a computer was not for me. I have been a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast and I was beginning to see the negative impacts working at a desk had on my body. In addition, I was feeling unfulfilled and unhappy in my work. 

Around that time I also started working with several of my family members by implementing the fitness philosophies I found to be successful in my own life into their lives, and we saw great results. This sudden recognition that I needed to pursue a more fulfilling career, combined with the enjoyment I found in teaching others what I was passionate about, led me to take a huge leap of faith by leaving my comfortable engineering job to pursue a career as a personal trainer. 

Now, I get to do what I love and what I’m truly passionate about by impacting people’s lives on a personal level and helping them reach their health and fitness goals. 

Zack Feeney
B.S. Nutrition, YPJ Coach, NASM, Precision Nutrition, RPR, and TRX Certified Instructor
My mission is to combine physiology and psychology; to aid clients in improving performance and body composition, but also improve the quality of their entire life.

My philosophy is to simplify both nutrition and training for clients. I strive to find the unique motivations and goals for each client and adjust accordingly whether it be strength and muscle gain, or fat loss over the long term. I additionally help improve the stress levels of each of my clients along the way.

I have trained a wide variety of populations over the years, specializing in strength training, nutrition, mobility and flexibility. I continue to soak up and research everything that goes into proper training and nutrition.

I am a NYS Champion Strongman and I have won multiple powerlifting competitions. I’ve also competed in bodybuilding. In my free time I enjoy “decompressing” and being very lax. My goal is always to be the best I can be, but not take myself too seriously in the process.

I help people optimize their lives so we can change the world together. Optimize comes from the Latin optimus. It literally means “the best.” In our case, I’m talking about helping YOU be your absolute best self.

Optimize your life. Actualize your potential.

Katherine Winning
B.A. Dance, YPJ Coach, 200 RYT, RPR, and ACE Certified Personal Trainer
I am passionate about holistic health and helping my clients achieve their unique fitness goals and find greater balance both mentally and physically. My approach to training is rooted in the belief that success is attained through consistency, proper form, and developing a positive self-image. 

Let me join you on Your Performance Journey towards looking and feeling better! 

Maria Stumpf
B.S. Psychology, PT Certified
I enjoy working with people who are motivated to change and move towards their goals. 

My experience as an internationally competitive gymnast, national figure competitor, and a four-time IPF world powerlifting champion have provided me with the knowledge and understanding of high-level movement and exercise that anyone could benefit from. 

My coaching experience has evolved from competition-based training to more body friendly performance training, which moves the body the way the body is designed to move, including those who are looking for performance-based outcomes. The final ingredient for success is the connection I have with my clients. 

My degree in psychology is proof of my strong belief and passion that all of us need a supportive network in order to overcome life’s obstacles and truly reach optimal health.

EC Stumpf
Powerlifting Coach
As an experienced powerlifter and athlete, I’ve experienced the thrill of competition. However, through these events and activities, I paid a heavy price with multiple injuries. At 42 I have acquired the knowledge and experience I only wish I would have had when I was 20. 

My training focus now revolves around keeping myself strong while being smart to avoid pitfalls I may have fallen into to. The natural segway for me as an experienced coach is to impact the lives of others. My coaching style relies heavily upon accountability to goals and the development of a trusting relationship where we can overcome life’s obstacles. When these obstacles are identified they can be managed and ultimately overcome. 

If my story and style resonate, join me on Your Performance Journey.

Paul Nelson
RRCA Certified Running Coach, level 1
Having completed over 70 marathons, including one on all seven continents (yes, Antarctica!), I know firsthand the challenges faced trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while working a full-time (mostly sedentary) job. When I turned 40, after years of struggling to stay injury-free and just finish a marathon, I made a few key adjustments and dramatically improved my running, taking almost an hour off of my best marathon time. Since joining Plaza Fitness in early 2018, I’ve have been able to train at a level that I never thought possible and, as 50 approaches, 

I am excited to see what more I can learn from Plaza Fitness and what I can do to help other runners run easier, stronger, faster and longer.

Dale Rothenberger
Triathlon & Swimming Coach
For the past 35 years I have had the honor of being the Head Swimming & Diving Coach at Hartwick College.  I take tremendous pride in guiding young athletes to reach their potential physically, mentally, and socially.

My personal journey has enabled me to experience the highest levels of athletic competition as a collegiate swimmer and 3 Kona Ironman World Championships.

The final transition and ultimate evolution of my professional and personal life blends my passion to guide others with the freedom to spend quality time with family.  This is accomplished through online coaching.  

Whether you are looking to reach the pinnacle of athletic competition or desire taking steps to make gradual enhancements to your life...I have the life and professional experience to make a lasting and dramatic impact.

Cory Landy
He uses his knowledge of functional training to get clients to move better and get stronger. Regardless of movement capability and fitness level, Cory connects with clients and helps them gain confidence that they're are the right track to transforming their lives.  Cory is also a boxing instructor with the city of Albany, coaching individuals at the youth and adult level. 

Cory looks forward to seeing you soon and guiding you on Your Performance Journey.

Trevor Goldstein
M.S. Sport Science & Strength and Conditioning, B.S. Kinesiology, YPJ Coach, CSCS, FMS, RPR
Trevor currently works as a Strength & Conditioning Coach at Union College. His passion to help athletes and clients achieve their sport-specific and lifestyle goals is evident by his level of enthusiasm and precision when guiding movement.  There is an art to movement regression and progression that Trevor has mastered.  

The experience members and athletes describe when coached by Trevor are best described as always high energy and a ton of fun!

Chris Scott
Chris is our resident bodyworker.  The transition from pain to pain free is often a difficult road for most.  Chris specializes in finding treatments and physiological pathways to human function recovery.  The process he follows is unique and rarely found within Western medicine.  However, the results can only be described as outstanding, long-lasting, and in most cases life-altering.  

Chris works by appointment only with limited availability.

Angela Luizzi
Matt Winning
Triathlon & Cycling Coach
Kelly Allard
Life Coach
Mary Jane Macpherson
Running Coach
Tara Rothenberger
Life Coach, LMSW, B.A. Psychology